Lute, Psaltery & Vocal Music Demonstration

The song "Requiem", which was made in 2011(MAG RECORD-002) with Fukushima in mind, was remixed and reconstructed for "Ukrainians and unknowing Russian soldiers". Anyway, no one will benefit from this war, no one will be happy, no one in the world will feel good. Only the unrealistic things of "pride" and "pride" will benefit, and only scorched earth and sadness will remain.

上野律子:ソプラノ歌手  上野琴久:過去におけるボーイソプラノ歌手  MAGi Record は上野哲生の個人レーベル
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Tessey Ueno

Tessey Ueno

Ritsuko Ueno

Kotohisa Ueno

5/29 18:30〜 カテリーナ古楽合奏団「春の古楽」
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